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I have worked in multi-disciplinary clinics working alongside a variety of practitioners such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, and sports massage therapists. Additionally, I treat primarily sporting injuries in a leisure centre and gym in Crawley.

I am qualified in western acupuncture and sports massage which I regularly use alongside osteopathic treatment and I am fully registered with the GOsC (General Osteopathic Council). To keep my skills up to date I regularly attend events that further my knowledge and skills particularly those which adhere to evidence-based best practice.

I believe that integrating hands-on with a combination of exercise and lifestyle changes is the best approach to treatment for my patients and is the reason that I am drawn to osteopathy. I believe that this all-encompassing approach allows us to really understand the how and why to pain and injuries. My particular interest is in pain management of spinal conditions and knee osteoarthritis.